• I get an error when I use Chrome Browser.
    Google's browser Chrome is notorious for failing in certain types of websites, and this is one of them. Why a company like Google can't get Chrome working where every other browser does eludes me! Please try another browser - any other browser!

  • Why must I type in to whom this music is licensed?
    The music that you will receive will have printed on it to whom the music is licensed and the number of copies licensed.

  • Can I list “Everybody” or “Anybody” as the licensee?
    Please don’t. It would pretty hard for you to make sure that among everybody in the world, only the purchased number of licenses are being used at any one time.

  • How do I get my music when I purchase it?
    A link will be emailed to you. This link will be tied to your license.

  • In what format will the music be delivered to me?
    Your music will be in PDF file format. No hard copies will be mailed to you.

  • What is in the PDF that I purchase?
    When you purchase a license, you receive a PDF file of the music. The music has a watermark and a footnote containing information about the license: to whom the music is licensed and how many copies may legally be used.

  • Can I preview the music before purchasing it?
    Usually. Many of the pieces have audio associated with them, and most of the works allow you to download a perusal copy which includes some or all of the music.

  • Can I transfer my license to other parties?
    No. However, if you purchased your license on behalf of an organization, the license is valid for any group within that organization. You need only insure that no more than the licensed number of copies is distributed at any time.

  • How many copies of my music may I print?
    The license limits only how many copies you may use at any time, not how many you may print. If a copy of the music is lost or damaged, you may print another copy to replace it.

  • Can I increase the number of copies licensed for a particular piece?
    You can purchase another license for the same music, but you can not increase the number of copies allowed for an existing license.

  • How do you prevent more copies than licensed from being printed?
    We don't. At the very least, members of the performing group will know how many copies are legal.

  • The watermark on the music is awfully dark, and it is distracting. What can I do?
    If the watermark is dark enough to be distracting, then tell your printer or copier to use less toner or ink in printing the page.

  • My organization has changed names or has been sold. Can I change the name on the licenses?
    No. We have no easy way of validating name changes or transfer of businesses.

  • I misspelled the name of my organization. Can I change the name on the licenses?
    You cannot change the name of the licensee on any music that has been purchased.

  • I’ve misplaced the email that has the link to my music. How can I get it again?
    You can visit Get Your Music and type in your email address. All of the music you’ve ordered with that same email address will be emailed to you.

  • Why does the use of a purchase order delay my purchase by a day?
    The delay gives us time to review your purchase order before shipping out your product.
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