2005, for Tuba & 5 Octave Marimba
Length: 10 minutes
Revision: 1
Difficulty: Difficult
Cost per Copy: $30.00

Skid-Krinkin' is a playful work that shows off the virtuosity and lyrical potential of both the tuba and the marimba.  Balance Duo, the husband and wife team of Marty Erickson and Alison Shaw, commissioned Skid-Krinkin'.

So, what does "Skid-Krinkin'" mean?  When Marty and Alison asked me to write a work for them, I interviewed them to learn about what they were seeking.  One of the questions I asked was what they liked to do in their spare time.  They replied, "Skid-Krinkin'!"

Upon further questioning, I learned that skid-krinkin' means to hop into a car and start driving in any direction, simply to see where one ends up.  And, if you happen to pass an antique store, you must stop and visit it.

For me, that was enough inspiration for the work.

The piece itself is not programmatic.  Certainly the contrast of driving merrily along and visiting an antique store suggested something of the form, but nothing was written with a story in mind.  However, in one rehearsal, I found myself trying to communicate to the tuba player the sound I was looking for in a particular section (rehearsal letter R).  I wanted something a bit more dirty than what he was playing.  Finally I asked him to imagine the sound of a rolling flat tire on a 16-wheeler, and that worked!  Now I find myself always thinking of that image at that spot in the music.

Due to Balance Duo's busy schedule, their premiere of the work was delayed beyond an already scheduled concert with this work, and they kindly gave permission to Dennis AsKew and Thomas Murphy to premier Skid-Krinkin' on October 8, 2006 in the New Music Arizona concert at the Phoenix Art Museum.

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