Duérmete mi niña
2004, for Soprano, Alto, Lower Voices & Piano or Guitar
Length: 3 minutes
Revision: 1
Difficulty: Easy
Cost per Copy: $1.50

Duérmete is a traditional arrurú (lullaby) sung all over Latin America.

There are many variations on the words and melody. This melody and verse was sung by the composer and his wife to their children.

This arrangement may be sung with either the guitar or the keyboard accompaniment. Both are included.

The words are in Spanish and English. They are as follows:

Duérmete mi niña,
Duérmete mi sol.
Duérmete pedazo
de mi corazón.

Go to sleep my baby.
Go to sleep my dear.
In my heart my darling,
I will hold you near.

Arrurrú mi niño,
Arrurrú mi sol.
Arrurrú pedazo
de mi corazón.

Lullaby my baby,
lullaby my dear.
In my heart my darling,
I will hold you near.

Duérmete was written in 2004 and first performed by the choir of Granite Peak Unitarian Universalist Congregation.

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