Cradle Song
2010, for SSA
Length: 3 minutes
Revision: 1
Difficulty: Moderate
Cost per Copy: $1.50

Cradle Song is a gently rocking setting of a poem by Sarojini Naidu.  It was first published in her book entitled The Golden Threshold.  It is a poem that might have been sung by an Bengali mother to her child.

by Sarojini Naidu

    From groves of spice,
    O'er fields of rice,
Athwart the lotus-stream,
    I bring for you,
    Aglint with dew
A little lovely dream.

    Sweet, shut your eyes,
    The wild fire-flies
Dance through the fairy neem;
    From the poppy-bole
    For you I stole
A little lovely dream.

    Dear eyes, good-night,
    In golden light
The stars around you gleam;
    On you I press
    With soft caress
A little lovely dream.

Sarojini Naidu (1879 – 1949) was a child prodigy, freedom fighter, and poet. A prolific writer as a young adult, she gave up her literary career to join Ghandi and take a leadership role in India’s independence Movement.  Naidu was the first Indian woman to become the President of the Indian National Congress and the first woman to become the Governor of Uttar Pradesh.  She was famously known as The Nightingale of India.

Cradle Song was written in 2010.  The Prescott Women's Chamber Choir premiered the set in Chaparral MusicFest 2010 New Music Arizona Concert.

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