Celebrating Schumann
2010, for Piano
Length: 3 minutes
Revision: 2
Difficulty: Early Intermediate
Cost per Copy: $5.00

(No perusal copies allowed)
Robert Schumann's Album for the Young is a collection of 43 short character pieces composed later in Schumann's life.  The pieces in my collection Celebrating Schumann take various inspirations and cues from three of Schumann's works commonly played by young pianists of today: Melody, The Wild Rider, and The Happy Farmer.

The pieces in Schumannís Album for the Young tend to be short, based on one idea, and of a simple form.  The pieces here (The New Big Brother, Cello, and Staccato) attempt to follow Schumann's model while capturing the charm of Schumannís more interesting works in Album for the Young.

All of the pieces were written in 2010.  Henry Flurry premiered the set in 2010 on a recital honoring Schumann's bicentennial birthday.

The first piece of the collection is dedicated to Jude deLaveaga, whose birth in 2010 gave one my younger students the distinction of being The New Big Brother.

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