Dos seguirillas
2015, for Piano
Length: 5 minutes
Revision: 1
Difficulty: Later Intemediate
Cost per Copy: $5.00

Dos seguirillas is two works inspired by the rhythm and style of the Flamenco seguirilla dance form. The seguirilla is one of the most important dance forms of Flamenco. It is dark in spirit and performed full of emotion.

The first seguirilla is titled El toque, which means “the playing of the guitar”. The left-hand ostinato outlines the classic 12-beat seguirilla compás. The right-hand is inspired by the strum and figurations of a Flamenco guitarist, although at a much slower tempo.

The second piece is titled El baile, which means “the dance”. It is more melodic and playful, staying mostly within the F Spanish Phrygian mode of:

        F Gb A Bb C Db Eb F

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